Asus Eee PC S101 Gains Popularity

The present review concerns the PC S101, a fresh entry of Asus Eee. To take a look at its system and appearance of this common with its siblings device is an aim herewith.


First of all it looks quite in style with its finishing. Brushed metal in which it is clothed may be of a chosen bright undertone, black, brown and champagne, and even pink, definitely appealing for female executives, the trim is clad in a soft chrome. Slightly flecked keys with the touchpad in consonant brushed metal, and the keyboard of almost a full size of the netbook gives a comprehensive appearance attracting admiring eyes.

The device enables to fulfill everyday working tasks, to access Web browsing, to be in chat and send and get email messages, to entertain the happy owners with listening to MP3 music records and watching downloaded videos. Unavailability of CD and DVD drive results to one cute advantage for outdoors users, the machine weighs just about a kilo.


Asus Eee PC S101

A web camera and a memory card reader allow to edit and email digital shots, 16GB memory drive with Intel Atom processor, three USB ports, that is what gives the owners to operate with comfort.

One extra hour for battery life while working with wireless Web reminds of a real stuffer. This hour is discovered by a simple comparison with an average netbook running time.