Asus W1 & W2 Notebook Series – High-Definition Digital Enjoyment

Taipei, Taiwan, March 14, 2007

In both computing and entertainment, content increasingly available in high definition up to native HD resolution has created a whole new level of multimedia experience. This new high resolution entertainment and gaming experience allows users to reach the heights of excitement, awe, and joy on various type of displays. ASUS showcases the Asus W1 and W2 notebook series with HD-DVD high-definition solution at CeBIT this year that will dramatically raise expectations of visual and audio satisfaction.

The Asus W1 and Asus W2 notebook series with HD-DVD solutions offer a new level of multimedia enjoyment

More Storage, Better Performance and Greater Enjoyment

Incorporated with Toshiba┬┤s HD DVD-R optical drive, the Asus W1 and Asus W2 notebooks can read discs with up to 30GB of data, including video, photo and music all from a single HD DVD disc. The HD DVD-R optical drive also plays HD DVD movies at a resolution that is six times sharper than the DVD format, presenting a vibrant, incredibly sharp and state-of-art multimedia experience.

Mobile High-Definition Experience

The Asus W1 and Asus W2 series offer an all-round high-definition experience with built-in digital TV tuner and HDMI interface, supporting standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus muti-channel digital audio on a single cable.

With the mobility of Asus notebooks, users can enjoy high-definition entertainment on the go or simply connect the notebook to larger displays via the HDMI port for an extravagant visual feast…