Dell XPS M1530 Features & Specifications

Dell XPS M1530 had the look; build quality and size which were perfect for the mobile traveler who needed something a little different it had the larger screen than its predecessor. The body of the Dell XPS M1530 is made of brushed aluminum and magnesium alloy that tends to feel great when touched and this also composes the body to be solid and robust. XPS M1530 is with 15.4 inches screen with Super TFT panel with the use of the 500 nit backlit technology, which is twice the brightness of most standard laptops and with a standard 1280 x 800 pixel display, the Dell XPS M1530 bears out sharp and bright.

Dell XPS M1530 Photo

The Dell XPS M1530 really comes into its own when watching a DVD or playing a 3D game with the ability of balancing the color contrast far easier. It allows the usage of this notebook for serious gaming, as it comes with the nVidia GeForce 8600M GT card as standard. A good great performance is shown out by the Dell Latitude XPS M1530 with 256MB of its own dedicated memory but, unfortunately, does not support the DirectX 10 games.

As far as taking into consideration the size and weight it goes hand in hand, so this bigger screen adds the weight to the machine with 2.7kg and making it less portable. A longer usage of more than three hours is not allowed with the XPS 1530 as its battery life is only restricted to not over three hours. With the 15.4-inch screen, the Dell XPS M1530 do create a double the strength backlit, which makes the notebook great to watch the movies and of course to play games, but this reason may add up a drain on battery life.

One plus side of the notebook is that the keyboard, which has more space and with the keys feeling more evenly spread gives a good typing experience for longer usage. This machine comes with the Intel Core 2 Duo T7250, which is a 2GHz chip that delivered plenty of power, especially considering the addition of 2048MB of memory with DDR2 SDRAM that allows having enough power to run multiple tasks at the same time.

Having a look around the sides of the notebook could reveal a slot-loading DVD rewriter as well as an HDMI-out port, which would explain the addition of a VGA-out port for connecting to older analogue sources instead of using a DVI-out port.

Dell XPS M1530

The networking capacity of the XPS 1530 is very made good with 3 USB ports and one Firewire port, there is one express card with one Ethernet card present in built inside the XPS 1530 notebook. The XPS 1530 have the Fixed 8 X DVD ± RW Slim Slot Load drive, including SW for its DVD slot.

For protection of your data in your notebook, the XPS 1530 comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner on the main body. This is linked to a Trusted Platform Module chip. The dimension of the laptop tends to be 358 x 245 x 40. The Dell XPS 1530 comes with the new Windows 7 Home Premium, making it best suited for the home usage rather than the use in business line. The Dell XPS M1530 notebook is available in 2 variant and bright colors of black and red. The customers are given out with selection to pick up on.