Dell XPS M2010 More Than a Laptop

In the first place with XPS M2010, Dell has forgotten completely why laptops were invented, but that’s the best thing with Dell XPS M2010. Dell has packed an remarkable multimedia experience into a outline factor that’s far more handy and self-contained than any other desktop PC’s and considerably less compromise than that of other notebooks. But to talk on the cost of the Dell XPS it is more unfortunate. This is because its base price is of $3500, and thus making the expensive piece that can be compared with the semester fee for a state college. So it could be stated that this Dell XPS, is for those who feel money is not a deal.

Dell XPS M2010 Laptop

Dell XPS M2010 Laptop

So what is more specialized with this Dell XPS M2010? It could be called the best portable pc rather than calling it just a laptop. It could be kept at a place in between the all in one desktop PC and a proper best laptop. The display of the Dell XPS M2010 is much bigger than any other notebook, as it is folded out with a 20 inches display with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard.

The other features that make this notebook look different from other laptop are that it accommodates a premium set of components and most of the other features of a modern media center PC. Say to with a striking sound system with a pop up slot loading DVD player. Dell XPS M2010 does also comprise of an integrated video camera and a microphone for a better video conferencing that makes you bundle up with your family and friends. This is sure to suit in a stylish home or on a multimedia intensive sales call.

To talk on its look, it gives a cool, sleek, mind blowing design that is with a high quality, adjustable 20 inches LCD. The speakers of this notebook do offer a crispy clear and rich audio. The keyboard of this laptop is with the Bluetooth operation. This has a media center remote and works well with the couch or during a presentation. With its top of the line components it is able to give out a high overall performance and a competent gaming process. One disadvantage with this notebook is that it becomes too heavy to be carried out easily, with its 18.3 lbs.

Dell XPS M2010 Photo

Dell XPS M2010 Photo

The other specification of the Dell XPS M2010 is that it has the processor of Intel Core 2 Duo that runs with a speed of 2.00 GHz and there is a 2 GB DDR II SDRAM. But one this is certain with its subtly marbled, charcoal gray soft-touch paint does give a decent impression of leather and thus make others to have glimpse of look on your hand with this XPS M2010.

It gives business class luggage than a notebook, as when it slides opened the 2 latches and lid lifted the black interior chrome highlights and the blue lights glowing gives the XPS M2010 a sleek and high a higher end stereo component. Even though, the most of the parts of the XPS M2010 are movable and removable we could find the notebook been built solid construction and ease of open and close.

It takes less space than that of a typical desktop computer as with the 16.75 inches deep and 19.25 inches wide, and is with thickness of 3-inches. With this the XPS M2010 is definitely larger than any other late-model.


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