Get the New Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle!

Through-out the years of technology we have seen computers decrease from massive boxes to small lap sized computers. In today’s world it is even possible to surf the World Wide Web on a cell phone. Only 60 years ago we lived in a world that barely knew of TV existence and if you were a part of the high class you actually knew what one looked like. In today’s world, nearly every family has at least two TV’s with cable and most people rely on a cell phone rather than a landline phone. Most every household holds a computer and some even have two or three. Each year something new happens within the technological world and this time it’s the Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle.

Sony VAIO P Series

With the new Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle you can do much more than just surf the internet and the best part about this new PC is that is thinner than a deck of cards. The new Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle has a max battery life of 3.5 hours and has 2 GB of ram already to go when you buy it.

There are 64 GB in the hard-drive which is available in 128 GB as well and the screen size is about 8” across which means you can still watch movies and work. The max weight of the whole computer is 1.4 lbs which means it travels really well and sometimes you will even forget you have it with you.

You will find numerous features within the new Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle such as a built in Motion Eye Webcam and Microphone that allows for picture taking and easy access to family members and friends. You will find a button that gives a quick boot option which offers easier access to pictures, photos and email. It comes with Microsoft Office 7 Professional 32 bit and the Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband 3G Network which comes built in. You will also enjoy a built in real time GPS which requires no internet connection to explore.

Sony VAIO P Series Laptop

The computer is Bluetooth accessible and runs on a lithium ion battery. You can find it in the colors Onyx black, garnet red, crystal white, gold and pink.

With this computer you can happily tote it around from place to place with no worries about the bulkiness of a huge laptop bag. Whether you are on a plane, train or just traveling across country in your car you will have the ability to use this small computer as your very own laptop and place it with your small carry-on bag or even a purse.

Sony VAIO P Series UMPC

The new Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle is great for the whole family and is perfect for teens who need a computer for college because it is so portable and helps teens travel from class to class while carrying all their information with them. If you are thinking about getting a new computer, think about the new Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle. It is more than just a computer it is a gateway to another world, a more technological world that is literally at your fingertips. Stop by the website today and have one shipped to your very home.