How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery

Even the newest, most advanced laptop batteries have a finite lifespan.  From day one, they slowly degrade until there is no life left in them.  The total lifespan of your battery will depend greatly on how well you know how to take care of your laptop battery.  Once your battery reaches the point where it can only hold 50% of its original capacity, it is probably time to get a new one.  You can affect how long it will be until that time by implementing these do’s and avoiding these don’ts.

Laptop Battery Tester


  • Allow the battery to fully charge overnight when you purchase your laptop before using it for the first time.
  • Condition a new battery by using it until it is completely drained the first time you use it.  Continue to do this about once a month to keep your battery calibrated.  Your normal practice should be to recharge your battery when the computer warns you that the energy level is low rather than always letting it drain completely.
  • Recharge your battery as soon as you can after it has been depleted.  A battery left completely discharged for a long time will be permanently damaged.
  • Allow plenty of air to circulate through your laptop.  Heat is an enemy of batteries.  If you are serious about learning how to take care of your laptop battery, you will raise your laptop off the surface with the “legs” that can be extended out of the bottom.
  • Remove the battery if you are storing your laptop for longer than a month.  It should be charged at about 50% to store safely.


  • Don’t expose the battery to heat or cold.  Leaving your laptop in the car on a hot summer day or cold winter night might mean the end of your laptop battery’s ability to function.  This is certainly not how to take care of your laptop battery.
  • Don’t store batteries completely empty or fully charged.  About halfway charged is the best to preserve your battery.
  • Don’t charge your battery inside the carrying case or when stacked between other laptops.  Batteries become warm as they recharge, and doing either of these irresponsible things could cause your laptop battery to overheat and become damaged.

Replacement Laptop Battery

Now that you know how to take care of your laptop battery, you can alert your friends and family to what they are doing wrong if they want to extend the lifespan of their battery.