HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client

HP has made it easier to expand a large workforce but yet keep them connected to a central network with the HP 6720t Mobile Thin Client. If you have to roll out a large workforce that requires connection to your main servers in order to do their job, then save money and time by investing in the Compaq 6720t. It can be completely controlled from a central point, and they cannot be altered by users in the field which means everyone can have the same information available in the same format at all times. Unified information and an efficient workforce are the calling cards of the 6720t.

HP Compaq 6720t Thin Client

There are so many positive features to the HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client, that it helps itself to make perfect business sense. To begin with there is the security offered by a server-based mobile network. When important company information is allowed on computers out in the field then that information is open to possible theft from outside sources. The use of wireless networks can contribute to the loss of important company information, but even more important is the information that resides on a laptop that gets stolen while in the field. With the 6720t and its server-based technology, your company information remains safe on your servers regardless of what happens to the mobile units in the field.

Your IT department will also appreciate the switch to the 6720t because administering a server-based outside force is much easier then trying to tend to the needs of several individual machines. All application changes can be made on the server, and those application changes automatically affect everyone on the network. You can also update data on the server and make that data immediately available to the users on your mobile network.

The 6720t can arrive with no optical drive installed, which means that there are fewer sensitive components which mean less chance of a damaged unit. You can make any changes either through the network, or through the Flash USB port. Now you can rest assured knowing that your field computers are durable and ready to absorb the punishment of a work day.

The HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client comes loaded with a fully-operational embedded version of Windows XP, and a powerful 1.06GHz Intel processor. The internal flash drive can hold up to a gigabyte of information, and the 15.4 inch screen makes it easy to read or see anything the HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client needs to display. It has a full size keyboard, a touchpad mouse, and a built-in Broadcom WiFi adapter for reliable and efficient wireless internet connection.

HP Compaq 6720t Laptop

The battery and the unit itself each carry a one-year warranty and the battery can be upgraded to one that offers more computing time while charged. The HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client comes with 3 extra USB hubs and a docking station port to make communication with the network, and other peripherals, a breeze.

It also comes with an extra RJ45 network connection should you ever need to hardware the unit into your network, and the RJ11 jack allows for dial-up connection as well. An external VGA port means you can connect your 6720t to any standard computer monitor should you ever need to increase the viewing area of your computer. The HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client is the next wave in fleet computing, and it can save you and your company a lot of money and a lot of headaches.