Simple And Sleek Samsung Q35 Notebook

Where computers have made our lives interesting thanks to laptops that have made it easier and convenient as well. The huge computers eventually transformed into handy, light weighted and fast laptops that are portable and completely equivalent to a computer. I have observed that many people who go to buy a computer believe for quite some years that laptops may not be as efficient or high profile than a computer but eventually they learn that laptops have qualities and capabilities that a computer can never have. Therefore electronic companies switched to manufacturing laptops as they became more wanted by people of all ages.

Samsung Q35 Laptop

The basic advantage of a laptop is its mobility accompanied by the wireless internet connection that makes life much fun and easier. You can access your personal data and information anytime and anywhere without any delays while it is best suitable for students that need computers for their assignments, taking notes and presentations. We are so dependent on internet and the information it provides that either a cell phone or a laptop is a must. Businessmen have the advantage of writing down important points from their meetings or sharing data between one another. When the demand of laptops increased eventually electronic companies started manufacturing the most wanted product giving people more and more choice. Sony, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Asus, DELL, Samsung and many other companies now produce laptop machines that makes the market more competitive.

DELL, Toshiba and Hewlett Packard are considered to be the best and expensive ones in the laptop market. While Sony and Samsung are manufacturers that are easy on the pocket and great in quality. Samsung has a well-known reputation and name in the electron business and yet they did it again by launching Samsung Q35 that has an Intel Core 2 Processor Duo T7200 CPU (2.0 GHz) with Windows XP. Its specifications are 12.1” bright LCD screen, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 120GBHard drive and DVD Player. This machine comes in two more configurations with a CPU of T5600 and 100 GB Hard Drive while one with windows vista. The machine is not exactly a replacement for Samsung Q30 as it weighs a little bit more than that but one kilo is such a small amount when it comes to weight that it makes Q35 absolutely an amazing machine. The small crystal clear screen is the best thing as the bigger a laptop the more weight it has which makes it harder for it to move around. A 12.1” screen makes Samsung Q35 an ideal laptop for business personal, students and people who love to travel. The laptop also has built in Bluetooth for data transferring. Reviews have included this machine into the ultra portable category due to its light weight.

Samsung Q35 Photo

Samsung Q35 is a perfect machine that has looks, efficiency and ultra portability. All over the internet it has great reviews and the specifications as you already have read above are ideal. The silver colored monitor has taken over the market and competing with famous manufacturing companies like DELL and Hewlett Packard. While I was browsing I came across a lot of websites that says that they are out of this model due to more purchases so get one right now before you miss the opportunity to enjoy the light weight portability and efficient laptop.