Sony VAIO UX Micro PC – Best Micro Tablet

Sony VAIO UX is the Best micro tablet that is with a wide screen display of 4.5 inch diagonal, that slides up to disclose a QWERTY keypad. SONY VAIO UX looks petite, but besides its tiny size, the UX runs for a full fledged laptop CPU, a touch screen interface, and a full version of windows XP. Sony VAIO UX with its miniature size weighs just 1.2 pounds, but has 1,024×600 native resolution displays. VAIO UX is outfitted with good appealing mechanisms and components with superior levels of networking connections. Cameras, finger print scanner, mic jacks, headphones, a USB Port, a memory stick slot and what more do you want for your laptop.

Sony VAIO VGN UX390N Micro PC

Sony VAIO UX is well known for its Innovative and light weight design. It has an attached keyboard with two built in cameras that you always wanted as the most needed accessory, for all your systems. Do you want to watch movies, Sony VAIO do come with the good native screen resolution of 1,024×60 for display, this avails you with a good movie watch. Sony VAIO UX endows with perceptive user interface with all the above attachments. So the fine of Sony VAIO UX gives users the best micro tablet that benefits with a plenty of ports and connections.

You can get all these benefits from Sony VAIO UX but any good comes with some higher cost, so one of the inconveniences with Sony VAIO UX is its cost. The Sony VAIO UX is unfortunately higher priced. The specification of the Sony VAIO UX for its screen resolution says that, it has a native resolution of 1,024×60, but it adds to its bad of producing a highly reflective screen. So it may be having the disadvantage for its screen display size too. But too much of strain on any monitors do product eye problems so let this can be taken only as an undersized problem with Sony VAIO UX.

Sony VAIO VGN UX Series

Sony VAIO UX may be puny, but do support the full version of Window XP and takes the great way in, as an interface to the touch screen. The Sony VAIO UX runs immensely on a full fledged laptop CPU too. Keyboard specification gives the best for its look, and of course adds up the pro for ease of carrying. But what about the typing speed and strains that take in. Yes! Its petite and size paves way for a painful type during the long draw out of typing. One of the main drawbacks of the Sony VAIO UX is its battery life. Since any thing that needs to be navigated from its place and used, needs to have a good battery sense. But with Sony VAIO UX, its battery life talks very less. The reason behind it is that the Sony VAIO UX is equipped only with a poor battery life time.

Though Sony VAIO UX is with the above mentioned shortcomings, it is not been left behind a poor market, besides its smaller problems listed above, it seems to have its name as one of the best micro tablets in the market. But it takes its bottom line as keeping it away from being a home run because of its high price and the awful typing experience. These specifications are good for any most wanted micro tablet. So it would be best for, to purchase when only the navigation is mainly concerned about.