Upgrading Memory In Asus Device

As we know the standard warranty of a netbook or any other kind of PC forbids the owners to upgrade its internal hardware. How to do that if there is no exceptions?


Asus Eee PC 4G

Asus Eee is to cheer their customers allowing them to upgrade memory in their device without losing the service of warranty. As much ago as one year the company made a statement saying no rights would be violated by upgrading RAM.

For instance it is possible to upgrade memory adding that to the Advent 4211netbook, based on the Micro-Star Int’l Wind. A spokesman from MSI said:

“The end user will need to contact MSI UK first, and we will approve case by case, if end users choose to upgrade themselves, we will provide them with an instructional guide and list of approved components to use, plus a new modified warranty sticker. If they follow this procedure, then their warranty will remain valid. However, they will lose the global travel warranty.”


Advent 4211

Suffice it’s to underline that the allowance concerns only memory upgrading. It is no use trying to upgrade any other internal components, e. g. wireless card or hard drive, otherwise the warranty protection has been lost.

Source: techradar.com